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How do you track inventory at events?

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I am interested to hear how you track inventory at live events? I have several designs I carry and try to track on paper but at multi day events and when we run specials such as buy one get one half off tracking gets complicated.
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Inventory before the event and inventory after the show.
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David stated the most basic and an excellent way of tracking! BUT if you want to get technical and are a gadget person like myself, ;) you could look into a simple bar code system. It could track inventory as you go and ring it up for you as well.
I kept it real simple at the last show i did. I had my inventory of sizes broken down in separate boxes and marked it off as i sold one. It was easy because i was only selling one design. I think you could do about the same with more boxes. Know what you start with and any chance you get throughout the show double check inventory vs cash.
At these events, do you guys still add the sales tax to your prices? If so, how do you manage it pass 2 or 3 shirts?
We use a POS software system. All of our regular stocking product are barcoded (by us) and we make up "scan books" for the event specific stuff that have those items on one laminated sheet.

We generally do a bunch of colors for the event specific designs and no longer track all of them seperately, just the sizes for historical reference.

This method keeps tabs on the sales, the sales tax and everything.

I would love a bar code system... Any suggestions of what to look at? Cheap and portable would be ideal. Right now o use square and my iPad for card transactions and love it. I am data / numbers guy as much as a creative a.d.d. Person can be. With a corporate retail background.

I'm trying to keep better track of stuff this year, and always open to suggestions.

In PA we don't have sales tax on clothing.
DaveW do you mind me asking where you bought your POS system? I am looking for one but it seems that there are too many scammers and pieces of crap (POs) out there
Sounds like it gets really complicated once you sale at events. I was hoping I would be able to do a detailed inventory before hand, get the intuit CC handler, and set up my shirt price and sales tax before hand to make it a fair price.

What do you guys usually charge for your shirts at events? I have a 6% sales tax in Florida so I was thinking of setting it up as $15 even ($14.15 + .85)
We use a product called StoneEdge Order Manager for our entire operation (imports from web, does phone orders, phone sales, POS, etc) which exports to Quickbooks for the actual accounting.

It is overkill unless you need all of those pieces.

In the (long ago) past we used Quickbooks POS and some other program that I can't remember the name of.

POS functionality, IMO, is pretty straight forward. A lot of software selection depends on how you want it to tie into your main system, if you need that automatic, how you want to ring customers out, etc.

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Besides using the square or intuit, do you guys give out paper receipts to customers? And if you do, do you make a copy for yourself as well?
My partner and I own a clothing line by the name of Damage Gallery. As we began entering stores it became obvious to me that we would need a system to track all the inventory. Half of our contracts are wholesale, but to the 50% that is not, we actually go in-store and take an SOH(stock on hand) count each week, well writing it down on paper and manually inputting it to excel sheet got tiresome. To make this simple, I built and application that is cloud based that allows for inputting of all shirts and accessories and when you sell a shirt you just update the database through the application. The cool part is that we have 3 reps, and I wrote the program so that each has his/her own login where they can only make changes to their stores, but they can still view all stores and stock just incase of inventory shortage in a shop. I've noticed a few individuals with the need for the same type of application, especially for bands. With this app you could enter each venue name along with the merch you're bringing. At the end of the night you can compare what you started with, and what you have left all in one application. If you would like to try it, I wouldn't mind setting one up for any of you guys to help me test and add features. Message me at jcrowe(at)interpract.com

Thanks, Josh.
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