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How do you screen print images like this?

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Can anyone explain to me how to setup and screen print images like this: Hell Night T-Shirt, Horror Movie,Shirt - eBay (item 320551775366 end time Jun-27-10 19:51:49 PDT)

I am thinking halftones and a high mesh screen. Would this be a 1 color design, Am I on the right track here? Thanks!
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drop your photo or art to grayscale, mess with levels in photoshop. Then take the whole image and invert it so it looks like a negative. Save it and send it to your rip. a one color grayscale, inverted or not is going to mean you'll need your dot gain calibrated somewhat to keep the light shading, midtones, etc showing properly in the final print.

Something like that shirt you linked to- kindof rough art, I'd probably do at 45 lpi on a 280 mesh with an extra coat of emulsion on the shirt side and try and push stroke an unthinned white ink.
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