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How do you screen print an underbase white? Do you have to make the registration exact?

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Got someone wanting some Augusta polyester tees, I have seen to lay down a white under base first, then your other color on top. So I'm assuming you have to burn 2 seperate but identical screens?

Also, if the white under base is a flex ink, does the top color have to be a flex ink as well?

Seems like a lot of extra work, and I'm guessing the registration of the screens will have to be perfect...

Why can't people just want white cotton tees with black ink???!!!
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I would choke the underbase by anywhere from.10-1pt depending on design.
What about the top ink? Flex or no?

BTW- I shipped your film yesterday
Why can't people just want white cotton tees with black ink???!!!
That would suck the fun out of the whole process.

Top colors don't have to be flex. Registration should be as tight as possible.

sben right on the choking.

Careful with flashing. Polyester gets hotter faster than cottons and blends and will draw up more readily.

And why do you figure your question is probably stupid?
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Just a newbie, still grasping all the terms. Found this same question before, but was looking for lamen terms ;)
If you're a newbie and you don't know, you don't know. So you ask, then you'll know.

No questions are stupid when your're seeking knowledge ;)
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my problem poh aku sa t-shirt print ku about sa underbase...
kasi nag try aq mag print ng may underbase tapuz nung nilabhan q ung t-shirt na tangal ang Top color nya ung base nlng natira...HELP meh
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