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How do you print a smooth 3 color gradient separation from Illustrator?

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I am trying to print a smooth reggae color gradient from illustrator. I tried using spot colors and printing at 32 lpi but the silkscreener says it doesnt blend well. Can someone help me please, desperate. What should I do step by step. Thank you.
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Hi, I would try using a higher lpi. Try 55 lpi, thats about as high as you can go for silk screening. It might look better. Hope that helps.
I guess I am trying to figure out exactly what you desire in the print. Honestly. If its what I'm thinking.... Maybe do the whole bottom of green with 305 mesh then flash and put the yellow and red gradient on top of it? All printed with 305 of course. I am not sure.
print the yellow as a solid, like an under base - then print the red and green from a solid to nothing. That is where the yellow/gold comes thru.. Another option (better at times), if the gradient is horizontal you can burn 1 screen (160-225ish) and put a glob of green ink on the left, yellow in the middle, red on the right (or any sequence) then let the colors blend together slightly when you flood coat (about a half inch where the colors meet) and when you print you will get a good blend that has no halftone dots to it.. This works well for small quantities and only needs 1 screen..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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