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How do you organize/store your tshirts?

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For those who own a clothing brand and or sell tshirts online and keep shirts on hand how do you store/organize them? If you keep them in your basement do you have racks, keep them in boxes, or whats your way of doing it and keeping organized.. And if you have any pictures post them, thanks
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Currently, I use a particular sized plastic tub with a locking lid from Target. I like the sterelite 32Qt with a latch on the lid. It's not so deep that I make a huge mess digging for shirts on the bottom and it keeps everything dust-free and dry. I like to fold and then roll the shirts to fit the most in there.
Ikea makes a great sturdy clear tub that stacks well and you can write what's in it with a dry erase pen on the outside - really handy for keeping track of inventory.

We load them into 72" high by 48" long stainless wire rack shelving from Lowes Hardware.

Here's the IKEA bin description.
Box with lid, clear
Article Number: 098.508.74

These bins are the best deal we could find and they're stronger than anything I found at Home Depot or Lowes.
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