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My husband and I bought an embroidery machine and a heat transfer press. We want to start making shirts/designs and sell some products. The hard part is coming up with a catchy name. We want to let people know we do both embroidery and ink transfers. Last name is MacGregor (not that we have to use that).

This seems harder than learning the machines ;)

Anyone have any ideas? or thoughts?


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When we named our company we spent a long time thinking of hundreds if not thousands of possible names. I think I asked just about everyone I knew if they had any good ideas, and what they thought of my proposed ideas. FYI we came up with "Printfection.com" ...some like it, other's think we have an infection :)

Here are some tips:

1)Don't use "enterprises" or a last name. Nobody really cares about your last name, and it's often hard to remember (and very generic!)

2)Check the US Patent and Trademark office to see if your name has any trademarks associated with it. You don't want to be infringing on someone else's name

3)Search google for your proposed business name. The less results the better.

4)Say your name to people over the telephone. Can they spell it? Can they understand it easily?

5)Check to see if you can register the .com domain name for your proposed name. www.godaddy.com can tell you if your name is available.

6)If you expand into other lines of business (example.. you sell t-shirts now, but later on you start selling printed socks & underwear) will your name restrict your marketing & branding?

I could go on and on, but this is probably a good starter list. Let me know if you need any more help!
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