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How do you display your heat transfers?

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Im going to purchase heat transfers to sell but I need to know how to display them.All my transfers are going on black shirts so I need to find sheets to transfer them onto and mabey put them on a desktop binder system.any ideas?hopefully the display sheets are thick n heavy ridged even.I was also thinking of hanging them on wire mesh like you see at alot of craft show booths.Mabey I could buy a big black cotton sheet and line them up.geesh remember when you were a kid and you went to the carnival and they had them all hung up on the wall and you just picked them out?anyone sell t-shirt material to transfer them on then frame them some how ?doesnt pro world sell pellion sheets anymore?anyone know where to get them now?any help is appreciated.Thanks....Eric
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In the t-shirt stores in Ocean City, they were all just posted on the walls near the ceiling. Got a cramp from looking up there:). All of your ideas sound great, how much and what kind of space do you have? If you really want to transfer some of them on fabric, you can always go to a fabric store and purchase a few yards of fabric, iron them on and then frame and/or display as you desire. I am having all of my rhinestone transfers done up in a catalogue style book on pricing sheets and I only pick a few special ones to actually press and display. I only do rhinestone transfers, so they get a little tricky with too much handling. I also made a virtual display of all of my designs so that I can pop in a DVD in a portable player and they just run like a slide show. That way, if someone is occupying all of the catalogues, a person can still see what's available on the slide show.
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Thanks for the reply...Well my partner just nixxed my transfer idea.lol.so I guess I dont need to worry about it for now.(someday thouogh ill do it)just bought agroove e cutter with knk studio and a heat press ,also got template rubber an transfer tape.Im going to start rhinestones too!Im researching the decal film for cars and rhinestones.where do you get yourrhinestones from?I found a supplier in china that will sell me 500 gross for 19.50. Mc hotfix...they contain lead but I guess that makes them shiny.just dont eat em.
Rhinestones are definitely addictive:D. I also import my stones from China, but your price of 19.50 for MC stones sounds VERY nice. Have you actually gotten any yet? I would be interested in trying some so send me a PM if you plan to place an order or would like to share that info:). The car decals are AWESOME!!! I just sent a small sample decal to all of my previous customers to introduce them to the "new" product. I sure hope it pans out:)
Im waiting to hear back from china I asked if they sold by the 250 gross,figuring that it would be 10-11 bucks.He said if I paid for shipping I could get samples and color chart.I think id probally do that before I make my first rhinestone order ever!Ill glady share his info with you if you want it.
I like the way they look on tye dye


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