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How do you decide on your prices?

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Hello all, newie here. I am a crafter of many years but just recently got into the vinyl t shirts. I am wondering is there a good rule of thumb for pricing? How do you all decide on a price?

Thanks so much in advance for any replys :)

CountryAnne - aka Jenni:)
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Welcome to the forum.
How much to charge is the big question, isn't it.
Every shop is different and how much to charge depends on your costs, and how much you want to make.
The price will always depend on the shirt, how long it takes to make the design and apply the design to the shirt.
And how many are in the order.

If you want prices for specific orders, that's easier than just an generic question of how much.
If you are doing a single item, anywhere from $15 to $25, but as the number of items goes up, the price per item goes down.

Here is a nice formula for pricing.
Check-In Charges + Item Cost with Markup + Decorations + Commission + Administrative Overhead = Price

Every shop has it's own costs, labor, overhead, markups, and profit margins, so there is no one price for every shop.
Hope this helps.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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