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How do you center your needles over a large design?

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How do you center your needles over a large design. Also does anyone know how to trace with a toyota 820 and lastly does anyone know if the universal repair video is helpful
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I make some 20mm circle vinyl stickers and place the sticker in the middle before hooping, Then move the machine to the middle of the sticker and remove before embroidering.
Same here, but remember to do full trace to make sure your design will sew without hitting hoop.
I have the Universal Embroidery Machine Repair DVD and have used it twice in the past couple of years to fix my two Toyota ESP 9000 machine problems. Saved me several hundred dollars in service calls. Certainly worth the $50 investment.
How do you do a trace with a toyota 820?
Not familiar with the Toyota machines, do they use the 'standard' round hoops with arms out to the sides?

If so, get 2 rubber bands and criss-cross them across the arms top left to bottom right and vice-versa. The place where the bands cross will show you the center of the hoop, then you can center that over the design...

On my SWF, we usually put the 15CM hoop on the machine, then move the head to the number 1 needle. I then center I think it's the number 10 or so needle over the center rivet on the hoop and everything is then perfectly centered.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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