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How do you bring more traffic and sells to your website?

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I have a website but im having problems bringing traffic to it. I use facebook, twitter, linkedin, google + and others. Is there anything im missing?
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Did you sign up for Directory Listings, have Meta Tags in your header? Submit your site too, Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL and others?

Do you have Signs, t-shirts and stickers with your site info. Also, many Radio Stations charge around $1200 a year for advertising. Find them, and offer $100 per month.
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keep promoting and give it time, also. i see a lot of ppl who think that they've failed after a paltry four months with few, if any, sales.

as far as your site, i went to the bottom of the men's shirts and saw a spelling error: it's 'confIrmation,' not 'confOrmation.' these things matter.

i also didn't get it. the home page has a lot of white people, one older guy looks like he's talking to his wife after a rousing round of golf, then i go to the gallery and it's a bunch of black dudes standing against a wall. while i'm sure you don't really care who buys the shirt as long as they buy it, there appears to be a conflict of marketing from one page to another. and in the gallery, the second pic in there's a dude's face and you can't even see the shirt he's wearing! imo, you're selling shirts, not putting up pics of yourself or your friends for fun or satisfying your ego/s. in other words, feature your shirt, not you. not a one of them was wearing an accessory, either.

take it for what it's worth, but imo when you're hawking a brand then your pics should reflect the market you're trying to sell to. as it is, it's all over the place. those that i know you took were also pretty generic, a lot of standing against the wall-type of shots. i think i hate these types of photos just because i've seen them time after time after time after time.... i've seen worse quality of pics, but, as you mention on the homepage, you're in desperate need of models. the other pics are obviously templates, but couldn't you find some that were squarely directed towards your market? not only that, but a lot of shirts on those templates aren't even shirts you offer! to me, that's a big no-no. if you don't offer it for sale, don't have a picture of it.

'become apart of a growing clothing line.' should be 'a part.' :) i didn't go through the whole site, though i think you should have another set of eyes scrutinize spelling and grammar more.

on FB: The designs are borme from the creative mind of J.D.Huez. (should be 'borne.')

i would probably add a slideshow banner to your landing page, too.

paul makes some good points. have you considered a blog? seo?

the ladies like flashy stuff right now. consider some foil and/or rhinestones. since your design seems to be fairly 'simple' (not suggesting it's bad), perhaps check out what kind of vinyl options might appeal to you, you might be very surprised.

in time, once you've managed people towards your site, there are those issues you're going to have to work on, imo, and they will probably cost you some sales in the long run.

i would make the model search fun if i possibly could. hard to say what kind of promotions to do without knowing how much funds we're dealing with.

i would re-do the 'about us' section. it's, well, rather laughable between all the 'cutting-edge in fashion' and 'brilliant team of designers' and 'highly specialized teams' when the grammar is off and it's clearly an upstart. i know that's a lot of bs, and so does the customer, so why try to bamboozle them into trying to think something they know isn't true? i mean, the way it sounds, this is some kind of black belt team of ninja t-shirt designers and manufacturers working at your beck and call. in other words, imo it's too over the top which comes off as a bit too desperate to impress.

do you have access to video making as inferred by your youtube link? if so, that should be a no-brainer.

have you tried getting your gear into a store?
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Before you want people coming to your site you need a site that WORKS. If a visitor comes to your site, and something isnt working, they probably never com back. Spend some money on a webdesigner, and make sure the site work and a have better look before hunting visitors. Just my 2cents.

More thoughts:

# Dont use Paypal pay services (Yes you can use PayPal as a pay OPTION, along with others, but not paypals system)
# Get a webdesigner OR get a decent webshop system. Im sure there are a few to choose from.
# Dont use Wordpress /drupal. Way to easy to hack. = Not safe for you, your costumers and your business.
# Use your photos from "gallery" as product pictures. Looks more pro.
# Check your spelling
# Less is more. Skip the thongs if you sell slip-overs, and/or vice versa.
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I'm just starting out myself but I have found that many of the people on the forums I enjoy (motorcycles, military , etc) is a good way for free advertisement. Most of my traffic and sales are coming from the internet version of "word of mouth." Whatever your interests (personal hobbies) are, try to find a few forums to join just like this one. Just be careful to not join simply to advertise though, lots of rules about that.
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I just started a brand too. I use facebook alot. Instead of posting personal statuses, I post my website link and post pictures of my products. I also try to engage my friends to provide feedback and start conversations about current events. Also create a company page.

I went to your page and it took forever to load and when it did it did not work. I suggest making your site simple.
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I have a website but im having problems bringing traffic to it. I use facebook, twitter, linkedin, google + and others. Is there anything im missing?
You can do a little bit of seo for the site so that it starts to rank in search results. If you start ranking for some of your top keywords then you will not have to worry about traffic to your site.

A good amount of on-page optimization and good content on the site can get your pages into good ranking in search engines such as Google and thereby resulting in traffic influx as well as possible sales online.
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I have the same issue. I use fb and twitter, I built my own site, optimized it, I know i'm in a competitive niche but man! I see others doing it and I can't seem to do it.
You're not selling airplanes, each photo should be a link to another part of the site to show the different colors and options. The photos of the enlarged samples are poor enlargement, some are a bit blurry and pixelated.
I ask myself why I should want a shirt or any one of your products with JD on it, you have to sell me on it.
Just a few thoughts, Wyndham
same problem
Focus exclusively on marketing to that subculture on related underground sites (you already know where i'm talking about) they will really appreciate it, plus you will be as close to your target market as you can get. (any closer and you'll be sitting in their laps) watch your sales go through the roof. :rolleyes:
I have the same issue. I use fb and twitter, I built my own site, optimized it, I know i'm in a competitive niche but man! I see others doing it and I can't seem to do it.
Easiest thing to do is ALWAYS have your website and Facebook page in your signature. It is marketing 101 yet so few do it.
this was very informative for me as an upstart. Thank you all who responded
TheFind.com looks pretty cool. Will have to check that site out.

Thank you
Thank you for this post. Like many others, I am just starting, and this post illuminated areas of interest. :)
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