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This is a tough one, but id generally say the same thing, 30 day return for almost any reason.

I am pretty much going to apply this to my shop when its up and running online in a few months time.

Ive often read that one of the major concerns a customer has about a store is the credibility of that store and how trustworthy they are.

Yes, no doubt im sure there are some unforchunate cases where you have one bad egg who will proove to be a challanging customer, but for the most part I think having a good returns policy can help sales.

But mind you, you also have to be fair to yourself and your business, so again yes, you have say... 30 days to return it, providing it wasn't worn, ripped or something that cannot be accounted for by damage in transit or your own error on your end and not the customers end.

And who knows, if they buy once and are happy, that return customer who ends up buying again and again could become an advocate of your store when talking to others.

The best thing I find about tshirts, or so I beleive, will be that a tshirt at some point, worn by someone, is brought up in discussion and if THAT person who hears where they got the shirt from looks up your site and see's a reasonably fair return policy, you may just get another sales [or at least in a perfect world]

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