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I will allow a return for any reason within 14 days. Two weeks in my book is more than enough time to decide if you want the shirt or not. I have on occasion excepted a return after the 14 period but that is up to my discretion.

I have this as a written policy on all orders and custom orders are not returnable. If the error was my mistake, I will correct it, but if you decide it is not something you want then you must pay the shipping to return the item and it must be in the same condition as when it left my shop.


Yes I have had this happen. I was given an order by the Asst. Mgr. for 1300 shirts, but the Manager only wanted 900. The 1300 shirts were printed, delivered, and they were charged for them. I received the signed approval from the Asst. Mgr. and I fulfilled my end of the contract. They wanted me to take back 400 of the shirts and refund the money but I refused. The Manager yelled, and huffed & puffed but it went no where. They never ordered from my store again but some customers you are better off without.

I always get half of the money up front and once the items were shipped, they paid the difference. The manager was okay with the price when he thought he was getting 900 shirts but for some reason when he realized he had too many shirts the price was an issue...go figure.

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