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how do i screenprint solvent inks

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Hi guys,i landed a great job and they use a different type of ink called "solvent" ink .i did some research but i can"t get any concrete "how to" screenprint this type of ink and what particular machines are used.From what i was shown at the factory,it looks like very large vacuum flatbed printers,semi automatic,and its definitely screenprinted.The products that they screenprint are the vinyl graphics that are applied to cars and trucks.I will be getting training,but i would like to walk in monday with some idea of whats going on,as i have only been printing onto paper transfers and textiles,using waterbase and plastisol inks,so this is a totally new area for me.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.
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Hi Gnilrac

Congrats on the new position.
Industrial Graphics screen printing apps vary,
but you'll find that basic process steps you know still apply.
Unfortunately, there's much less "how-to" content available,
compared to the garment industry.

Here's a good resource that your new employer may be a member of:
SGIA: Graphic & Sign Community

Happy trails!
thanks for the link!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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