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How do i print like this....?

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Hi all,

I'm new here, and would like to kick off with a technical question...

I currently have a small screen printing set up, but I am struggling to continue printing in my new house (limited space, hard to make a darkroom in a shared house, and no garage). I only print small runs from time-to-time (10-30 mainly, but sometimes upto 150). I target socities and sports clubs, offering social tops etc.

I was visiting Canada the other week, and visited a cool little shop called bang-on (www.bang-on.com). I noticed they used some kind of transfer heat pressed onto garments. I have done a bit of research, but cannot figure out exactly what kind of printing method they use. I can't figure out how they print light onto dark, and how the print quality is so sharp and bright. Can anyone offer any thoughts?

Once we figure out what method(s) is/are employed, I would welcome any pros and cons of the technique.

Thanks in advance, Ian.
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Ian...I cant open the url to find out what they are printing.
Fixed link, thanks.

Also, how are their glitter designs printed. I thought these can only be screen printed? I'm so confused.
Looks like plastisol transfers. Spot color screen printing on release paper and heat pressing to the shirts. I just looked the the cereal and soccer designs. They are probably buying them somewhere but maybe having them made...thats a lot of designs to have made for one shop. Are they a chain store?
They have about a dozen stores i think. Would you guess that their custom lettering is done by printing lots of individual letters, keeping them on stock and arranging them on demand?

I would like to be able to print individual names on the back of garments, I understand vinyl-cut would be suitable for this.
I use cad cut heat press vinyl for just about all my lettering because everything I do is custom. Well not everything...I do the transfers as well but my bread and butter is custom.
They have alot of stuff that is licensed. I am looking for transfers like that too. I wish someone knew where to get them! Mabey they are just buying the shirts already printed and just reselling them.If anyone knows of a place please post!!
They have alot of stuff that is licensed. I am looking for transfers like that too.
My guess is that bang on contacted the licensing agents directly and negotiated pricing for their store needs.
Their shop had racks full of blank tshirts, hoodies etc and and folders fulls of the various designs. You simply took the garment you wanted to the desk, told them what design to print and that was it. Unfortunatley I did't actually enquire or see how it was done as I was in a rush, but I could see two heat presses behind the counter. I will send them an email and see what I get back.

I can see how the more basic designs can be done by screenprinting onto the transfer (I forget the proper name), but what about the more detailed picture designs (see the rock section for some examples).
There are all types of possibilities with heat transfers. Different materials (rhinestones, reflective, etc) can be adhered with the heat press.

If you check with the various heat press suppliers (imprintables, bestblanks,coast business, etc), you will find a lot of the supplies needed to do all types of heat press applied designs.

Sometimes you can outsource the transfer printing to a screen printer (they will print the transfer using screen printing inks onto transfer paper). That way you can get some of the same screen printing effects from a heat pressed garment.
They are using some form of plastisol transfers, whether they are pritning themselves or outsourcing for them. More then likely the lettering aspect is custom cut using a vinyl cutter or they are ordering number & letter packs and laying them out per order. There are heat transfer vinyls that are glitter, reflective, flock etc. When you click on the "in action" section of their site, they show you the steps...Pick a design (or plastisol transfer), pick a shirt, bang-on (or heat press).
...are you talking about the Litho-Transfers ? the photo type transfers ? .... you can make them in med and high gloss finish with glitter edges etc ???

these are like the 70's type transfers, you need to run 5000 plus big sheets 25x38 in order to be cost effective. This printing type can NOT be achieved with Screen Print directly on to T-Shirts.

as in the 70's, they require extra care in the wash.
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