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I need some advice for a newbie. A few months ago I started making designs for t-shirts. I created my logo, name and a few designs for t-shirts. Now I'd like to screen print it. I checked local prices and I don't know how this bussiness can be viable. I live in the UK. One color screen print for a FruitOfTL t-shirt is about £7. If I'd like to sell it on e-bay I would have to add about £2 more pounds in costs. It seems to me the only way I could make money on it is screen print it myself. However in this case setup cost is about £400, 500 pounds and I don't know if my designs will sell.
What do you suggest? How do I start?

Actually I was thinking about creating my own brand, stitching my logo neck tag insted of manufacturer's
tags but it all costs a lot. A good quality t-shirt, neck tag and screen print cost about £10, £12 in the UK. If I wanted to go for it I'd have to sell a T for about 16, 18 pound to make a small profit. I'm not quite sure whether I can put £18 price tag on my T-shirt, £18 for the brand noone knows? This ain't gonna work.
Can you give me some tips, please?

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