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How do I ink my own tank tops?

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Hello, wonted to maybe venture in the tank top industry and was wondering where do I go to get my tanks tops inked with my designs. I am not talking about art, more just colers on the tanks. My local screen printer would not do this right? Here is a link of sort of what I am talking about and wont to start designing. Thanks for any advice!!

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those have a mixed of work.

heat transfer vinyl
plastisol transfers
Is it expensive to ink tank tops, who do I go to and get it done?
Wait your links are different from the first one. If you taking about the lines and colors than silkscreen is what u want
Yea I am talking about the different colors and stripes. So silk screening would do this, how do I go about designing the lines and colors. Is this more money to do then t-shirts.Thanks again

How many times are you posting the same subject?
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