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How do I getting my products to stores???

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I'm new at this and if I can get any advice… please help!

I currently have 7-8 styles of tops with graphics for junior and contemporary missy. Mostly just lose tank tops, beach wear. I would like to get my products into stores such as Charlorett Russe & Wet seal since they do carry similar styles in their stores currently. Can anybody advice me on how do I go about getting to the buyers and what all that I need when I'm in front of these buyers? Also what are some of the requirements for these stores generally?

Thanks ahead

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Hi! I would highly recommend starting a bit smaller than a Charlotte Russe or Wet Seal as these companies manufacture many of their own products and unless you are manufacturing in China or Pakistan it will be very difficult to compete with their price points. Additionally, you will need to make a significant investment to actually fill an order from larger chain stores and you will have to wait for 60 to 90 days to get paid and you will most likely incur chargebacks which can kill a small business. Unless you have someone you can speak to that has significant experience with larger retail operations and how they work, I would try starting with some smaller boutiques and go from there. I would also recommend you keep all of your initial business on a COD basis, unless you have pockets full of money, as you don't want to have to chase people down to get paid. Best of luck to you!!!
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Thank you so much for the advice!
The chances for a start up company, a one person operation, operating from home getting product into any major chain store are pretty remote. This t ype of store will want a source that can print 100's or 1000's, very few of any will offer consignment nor pay upfront and have a history of sales.
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