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How do I Expose large image with small transparency

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Hi everyone! I was wondering if theres a method to burning a large image on to a screen using normal sized (8x11) transparency.
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Once you have the image sized accordingly on your screen, you can move the image and tile print. Start with the top left on your page and print, move the image over so that the top right is then on your page, print, move image so the bottom right is on your page and print, then move so that the bottom left is on your page and print. Once your four tiled images are printed, lay them out and tape together, overlapping the parts that may be printed out on both sides. If I print more than one color, I may add several registration marks around the image to make sure all colors are taped together perfectly. It helps if you lay down guides across the top, bottom, left, and right of the page so that you can slide the image along the guide to ensure that your bottoms line up, and your tops and sides all line up. It sounds a lot more complicated than it really is. When our large format printer went out and all I had for a few days was a regular printer, I had to figure it out quick!!
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1. Cut your print up into smaller sections in your graphic program.
2. Print your pieces on how many clear sheets you need to, to get the whole image.
3. Use "magic" tape (clear as possible) and tape your transparencies together.
4. Burn like normal
Doesn't all magic tape comes with a "whitish" tint? I use the ones that are transparent.
there are some tapes that come frosted and some that come crystal clear. Both will allow light to pass through.
Frosted is correct. Maybve just a coincidence but I sometimes get something like an outline of the tape with the frosted.
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