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how do i design my art like t shirts designers on karmaloop

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can someone briefly explain how im able to design it like is it just basic vectors or brushes ????
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please give an example karma loop has tons of shirts...
well i dont know how they design but if your going to use design try making vectors, are better than brushes
Like for example Crooks and castle, Sneak tip, T.I.T.S, Obey have some crazy designs that incorporate with there own name. like do you find these graphics on brusheezy or free vectors.
take a look how do they do this
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It can be done a variety of diffent ways in illustrator or gimp..... some designers can use frees vectors and brushes an come up with something incredible while others cant... just play around in Ai Ps Or gimp and youll comme up with something the obey shirts ae some of the siplest designs but s fairley is one hell of a designer and makes the colors and the whole designs just incredible he started with s simple photcopied picture and grew from there.... do you and youll come out with a desing you like dont go for something already out there .... godd luck bro.
true good looking thanks for the help ill let u know when i come up with something hot
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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