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How did they do this?

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Hi, I have a customer that wants a shirt similar to this one. I haven't done one like this before and am not sure how it was done. Was the photo just turned to grayscale and then a duotone color applied that was the same color family as the shirt itself? also wondering if anyone can tell if it was screenprinted or another process? any help is appreciated.

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You should scan the picture that your customer brought to you using adobe photoshop and save it. Then go to corel draw and import the picture. Select the picture, go to bitmaps at menu bar, then scroll to mode. The mode will give you options. From the options select grayscale. the picture will turn to this nature and you can use screen printing to print it.
Thanks! that is initially what I was thinking. but the image looks so "green" to me, I wondered if it had been changed into a duotone (really a monotone). what do you think?
a bit tough to tell if there's gradients in that design, seems more like a posterized style or livetrace making it a spot color print.

with that style of design you could go about it a couple different ways and get a similar effect.
hard to tell from the pic but ScreenPrinting would be my first guess
Naw, I'm betting that that's not green, but instead reduced light gray through like a 230 mesh.
The cool thing with using that reduced gray is that it takes on the illusion of the color shirt (especially a strong color, not pastel).
And yes, the other color is white...I'd reduce that too so that it's more balanced looking with the gray.
2 whites and a grey would do it.
I've some like this.
Need to have a good understanding of channels.
thanks for the help guys, hey if any of you have one that you've done in photoshop . . . . if you could send me the file, I'd love to "backwards engineer" it and use it learn . . you can cut a section out of the image if you're concerned about me using your file. Thanks :)
There are a few ways to do this. If you want to do it with one color (white) I have Corel Draw but I would guess the process would be similar in Photo Shop Import the bit map convert to gray scale, then adjust the tone scale so the background the blacked out invert the image to negative and print the transparency through a RIP depending on the halftone size the shadows will be the shirt color. not the only way just another way.


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Is there anyway that this could be done through a plastisol heat press transfer?
Is there anyway that this could be done through a plastisol heat press transfer?
Sorry I have had very limited success with a heat press and halftones maybe there is someone with more experience using transfers.:confused:
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