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How create 2100x1800 pixel t-shirt slogans?

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Hi All

I am quite new to graphics and need to know how to do something that I guess must be quite simple.

I need to create graphics consisting of written slogans to put on T-shirts being created on Zazzle.com. Their requirement is for the graphic to be 2100x1800 pixels.

I have tried creating graphics in Photoshop, Inkscape, etc but the image always seems to be too small (4k), no matter how it do it. I could increase the size using something like Irfanview but I'm worried the sharpness of the letters will be lost in the enlarged image.

I've heard about vector graphics (.svg?) preserving the sharpness of images when enlarged but am not sure how to create for my needs :confused:

Please could anyone tell me the simplest way to best make a 2100x1800 image of the "Pattaya 69" text below, for example?

I'll be very grateful for any advice


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Some basic info might help solve your problems...

Assume your design will be printed at 300 dpi (or 300 ppi. Same thing). dpi is short for dots per inch (ppi = pixels per inch). This means that every 1x1 inch square will be 300x300 dots (or pixels). In your case, this means your 2100 x 1800 design, printed at 300 dpi, will be 7 inches by 6 inches.

In photoshop, when you first set up your canvas, all you need to do is set it to these dimensions (7 inches x 6 inches @ 300 dpi) and you should be all set. Print it up on paper & measure, to play it safe.

Hope this helps!

or in PS you can just pick pixels when you create a new file instead of inches and it will give your size. And if setup for inches in the ruler it will show you size in inches.

Its all about setting up the canvas before you start. Make sure you select 300dpi and you can then make the canvas 2100 x 1800 or a little bigger would be best.

You could place the image you already have file>place. Then press ctrl+T to resize.

You will most likely find that as you enlarge the graphic you have that you lose some quality, what you are doing is trying a stretch a few pixels over a bigger area which you can get away with up to maybe 40 or 50% but any bigger and you will have real problems.

So what I would do (there is always 10 ways to do any one thing in PS) is use the pen tool with paths selected. Drawing around the text. Then you can go to the paths pallet to see select and then fill.

Alternatively you could try and match the font. This is a quicker option but matching fonts can be a pain. There are some service online that let you upload an image and tell you which font has been used. Once you know what font then you just type out and tweak. Simple!

If you are going to use photoshop in the future it would be worth doing a few beginner tutorials.

Good luck.
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