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Re: Question about forums

Hello, I am new to this and I really don't know where to start. How could i get someone to design the shirt for me and express what i have in mind completely ? Thanks.
You would just hire a freelance designer from a place like foalio.com, 99designs.com, guru.com, elance.com, or post your request in our referrals area.

You tell the designer what you want and what it's going to be used for and they work with you to create the design that fits your needs.

You then that that design file to a printer and get t-shirts printed up :) The printer will give you quotes based on quantity ordered, number of colors in the design (if it's screen printing), etc.

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There are plenty of talented artists on this forum
who can take your ideas and turn them into screen
print ready designs with color seperations in vector art.

I have used a board member here RevboyJames
on several projects and have always had a great

The key is to be able to describe your ideas and
if possible show them images / drawings of
what you are aiming for that give you inspiration
and then letting them use their artistic talent
to bring it to the finish line.

It is extremely important that you have your idea
for a design as more than just an idea. If you don't
then you will be going back and forth with the
artist and this will increase the cost of the design.

I try to make a list of all my ideas and include amount
of colors I want used, size, color of shirts they will
be printed on, location (front or back) and
include photos of what inspired me to come up with
the idea.

I take at least 2 weeks on each design idea that
I come up before I am satisfied with my list. This
gives you time to add ideas or photos that will
help the artist and no last minute emails after
the artist begins.

If you hire an artist that is not familiar with
color seperations then you will be adding even
more cost to your project. This is key to finding
a good artist who knows how to work with
vector art and also that you yourself have
basic knowledge in the software (corel etc.)
to be able to make changes like colors or
moving objects around on the design.

This forum has been extremely valuable to
those who sit back and read what others
have had success with in the past.:)


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rodney, would the designers do the separations, too? would they charge extra for that, or is it easily accomplished by the screen printer?
Not Rodney but here is my 2 cents..

If the artist is using vector software you can
easily break the color seperations down in the
printing process.

It took me some time to teach myself basics in
Corel draw but when you receive the artwork
in Corel or another software you or the screen printer
should be able to easily print out the color seperations...
IF the artist is using it properly.

This is the key reason you need to find an artist that
works in these formats. If you are sending the designs
out to a screen printer then find out what software
they require for the art work.

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rodney, would the designers do the separations, too? would they charge extra for that, or is it easily accomplished by the screen printer?
Most of the time printers prefer to do their own separations. Everyone has their own method. If you give them high resolution or vector files, the printer should have no problem doing it.
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