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How corel displays tinted colour

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Can anyone please tell me how to fix the below problem in corel X4

I have some artwork, its a simple 2 colour graphic (light grey and Blue text and a larger image to be printed in a 20% tint halftone of the light grey which will create a faded image in the backgrond. Its ready to output to film and all is good with the artwork but the print is going on black t-shirts and I would like to be able to display the image on the screen in a similar way to how it would look on the shirt and then output straight to film but when I place a black background behind the image the halftone grey obviously looks way way to bright so the only way I can make it look similar to how it is going to print in make the color say 80% black.
Is there a way to display a tinted pantone colour against a black background without this happening or is the only way to just change the colours to suit the black background to show the customer then change it back when I go to print my film.

I hope this makes sence.
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