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How come Siser products arent marked by the manufacturer

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Just an open thought. I purchased what I believe to be Siser Easyweed a while ago - BTW love their products - and when cleaning up some inventory recently noticed the label from the distributor attached to the backing was for a different product then a Siser label was put on top, now this could be a simple mistake and nothing .
I was wondering how come Siser doesn't put a logo or product name like 3M or Avery on the carrier sheet? This would help those who just start out with what side to cut, and to ensure your getting the correct product.
Reflecting a little more had a batch of nylon bags in which the easy weed extra failed, this was a test batch and I chalked it up to inexperience with the nylon products but the extra was bought with that same order wonder if I really got Easyweed extra.
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I can't answer for Siser, although SignWarehouse is a Siser distributor. But I can tell you from conversations with other manufacturers that imprinted liners add cost. Most manufacturers these days are looking for ways to reduce operating costs, not add them.
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