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How can these companies ship so inexpensively?

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Hello Tee Members,

I ship worldwide from shirtbattle.com. The shipping outside the US (not including Canada & Mexico) is between approx $11.30 & $13
for one shirt. Often it is more to ship it than the cost of the shirt.

I have seen on other sites that they are able to offer international shipping at much much lower costs. Can anybody offer me suggestions on how they are getting these rates?

Some Examples are:
RIPTapparel.com offers shipping to UK for 3.98 they are located in Chicago.

Qwertee.com offers all shipping for about $3 (they may be printing in different locations).

TeeFury - $4

Thank you!
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Sounds like shirtbattle.com is making a l i t t l e extra off the shipping charges....
Consolidators or just taking a loss on the order in exchange for worldwide reputation.
They are doing one of two things. They are eating the shipping or they have negotiated rates.

Here is how it works. You ship UPS for everything. FedEx comes in and offers a discount on overnight for every order that asks for it. UPS hears about this and offers lower charges for found if they keep the overnight.

Get how it works? If you have volume you have negotiating powers.
Most t-shirt shops would likely send single orders by mail.....No matter what discount you get, the surcharges for residential and/or remote locations push the prices way up....

A consolidator takes mail from 1 country to another in bulk.....For example there is an outfit in Toronto that take packages to the US Post for less than 0.75 each for small stuff...And China Post that airlifts stuff from China to the west coast for less than 1.00 per kilo...
When I first started selling online I spoke with a rep at the post office about getting discounted shipping rates. She said if your shipping around 200 packages per day than you can qualify for a discount. At that point I had sold like 3 shirts total, but its been my goal ever since. Once I reach that I'll go for 1,000. Baby steps.
Thanks for asking this question - I always wondered about this myself!
I really do not think that shipping for free will cause any loss or troublesome issues for the various companies. They must have the appropriate acknowledgement for this.
If you check the same items elsewhere, you may find that the price is lower but the shipping costs are higher & vice versa. The more expensive will have lower shipping costs. 6 of 1, half dozen of the other.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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