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If all the cost of a t-shirt is $7.50, what is the right price to sell? Below is the sales quantity.
What price is appropriate for each quantity? It's not easy to set a price.


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1. How much does it cost you to create the transfers you are applying.
2. How long would it take you to print 1, 10, 100, 200, and 500 shirts?
3. What hourly rate do you charge to print.
4. What is your set profit margin you add to your total cost/expenses to be able to present a quote to the customer?

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There are a number of pricing strategies. We use a shop rate of $XXX/profit per hour. We figure how long a job takes and what it costs in materials and then come up with a rate.

Here is an example I have used in the past but tossing in prep time and some ink cost.

Face mask cost each at $2
Printing quantity pieces per hour 300
Prep time about an hour for 1000 pieces
Price per print is 10 cents or less

Time to complete 900 units is 3 hours plus 1 hour of prep

Sales price is $4 each for a total of $3600, minus cost of $1800 for blanks minus $90 for prints comes to $1710 profit or $427.50/hr for 4 total hours of work. This exceeds our shop rate so it is a go. I would do this one all day long. Just think about $427.50/hr for 2000 hours for the year is $855,000 for just one item and that is net profit. I will take that all day, every day.

Don't undersell yourself.

If you want an idea, go to one of those online printers and see what they would charge. I bet it is more that double what you are doing. You will be surprised.
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