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How can i get good looking pictures of my tees for my site?

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Hi i am wondering what is the best way to get professional looking pictures of my t shirts for my website? I want my pics to look like UGMONK's tee shirt pics Ugmonk — Ugmonk Shop ... do you think they actually took those pics with a camera or is that a mockup?? I think mockups look really good but i don't know how to get rid of the annoying American Apparel tags they have on the mockups and replace them with our inside printed tags, and we also have another label stitched at the bottom of our tees which i don't know how to add on a mock up. And what's the best way to take pro looking pics? lol sorry so many questions im new to all this...
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He does do shirt nicely. I don't see a repeating shirt in his bunch, which leads me to assume he photographs each design and does not do mockups.

Your method with models isn't at all bad.

Here is a diy method of building your own lightbox to take photographs Modeling Your T-Shirts 101 (Part 1) | Coty Gonzales | T-Shirt Reviews, Interviews and Coupon Codes. Otherwise, you could take your shirts to a photograph studio and have them do it for you.
Ugmonk seems to be using mock up templates. You can get them here http://arsenal.gomedia.us/templates.html.
They then with Photoshop or other photo editior place their artwork on the mockup. They have T-Shirts long and short sleeve and also Hoodie templates.
BTW, I LOVE your website. Looks very inviting and professional.
alright thanks but do you know how i can get rid of the tee shirt tags that are shown in the mockups?
ahh good eye. Thanks for that link too!
Again with Photoshop it is easy to remove the label. Then you can compose your own on top. There are many videos on Youtube on how to do this :)
can you link one please? lol thanks
There are many. Try these below or in Youtube search find what may suit you better.

To remove objects in pictures:


To add objects in pictures:
There are many. Try these below or in Youtube search find what may suit you better.

There is a glitch in the forum software and the links may not be showing up for many. Here they are again. Just add www. to the beginning.

To remove objects in pictures:


To add objects in pictures:

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