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knock on doors
make phone calls
print advertising
wrap you vehicle
email blasts to client lists
Sponsor Baseball/Sports League/Team
Special Interest Forum Website Banner Advertising Banners
Coroplast Signs on street
Corner Sign Spinner
Bulk mail: post cards, newsletters, etc...
Advertise in industry trade magazines
Advertise on grocery store carts & backs of receipts
Host/sponsor a special charity event (5krun, chili cookoff, whatever) get free press.
Show your product to as many people as possible.
Giveaway/Drawings "Win a Free iPod" (like the health club folks do to generate leads)

There are a million more...

BUT... the problem with your question is the word "easier".

Getting more clients is harder. If it was easy then everyone would be rich already. You have to lose the desire to become successful by doing less work. Do not be afraid of doing more! You will become successful when you start doing things that other people are unwilling to do. Like working harder.

Think about it. You already (presumably) do a certain level of work, but that has not been enough and you have identified the desire to increase your wealth. You think the best way to do that is to increase sales by getting more clients. BUT... you want to do less work than you are already doing (but you do not mention what that actually is). So the million dollar question is "Easier than what!?"

How is it possible to increase sales by doing less?

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Well, it seems to me that if you had a business plan it would help you answer your own question. Who is your target market? What do they want? What do they do?

There is ABSOLUTELY no substitute for understanding your business and your target market. You can go pass out flyers all day. If not one person in your target market picks one up, then you have just wasted a huge amount of time.
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