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Hi, I'm a new member, very excited to get to know more about the business of producing the very best T-Shirt product possible for mass marketing. If anyone can help me with how to start a retail Souvenir T-Shirt shop that will work in Adelaide i would be greatfull.
I have started a website and I need opinions from members as to what they think of the site. Also any marketing ideas.
I have a Heatpress System with an A3 printer to print transferes and computer off course.
I'm looking for more information on better digital print techniques than printing A4 or A3 transferes. What are the processes that allows me to print all over the T-Shirt etc.
I hopeI can help members also with marketingand advertising since I spent twenty years as an Art Director Graphic Designer with international agencies world wide. Thank you and may all your pots be monsters. Rick :D
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