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How are small patches like this made?

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Small patches like the lacoste logo for instance.. anybody have any idea what or more importantly how they got such a small merrow around it?

Look at the man on this one. I know this one was home made but how did he get such a tight cut around the edges?
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Oh.. they embroider on some sort of tear away material that leaves only the patch. You guys didn't want to tell me.

Naughty naughty.
it looks to me like they just embroidered it and then used something to cut closely to the outside satin stitches. maybe like a hot knife or something...
go look at coleman and company how to make a patch easy simple cheap way if your not doing 100s of them
Tack the material to crisp stabilizer about 3layers do the design the a wide fill satin around the edges. Stop the machine and cut the fabric away from the design then do the satin stitch around the out side when done just remove the patch
Merrow border generally isn't as crisp as an embroidered border so if you can get away with embroidering it, life will become cheaper and efficient for you.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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