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I already know I can sell shirts online, wholesale to stores and so on...But I'm curious about how you all do it. What really have worked? meaning what has brought you significant success?

Some sites offer you to upload your image and they'll do the selling, but the design is yours and they make most of the money. Also, I place images and text in various locations on the ****s, and some of these sites don't offer that.

I had my own site but what I did was waste my money, because I didn't many sells off of it. However, it did serve me as a catalog.

I'm just curious about how it actually works for all of you? Specially those that started with little money.

I did sell at a flea-market but I was making just enough to pay the rent there and to stock up on more supplies and tees, but never had enough to pay may own personal bills. I almost gave up. Help!
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