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I am upgrading our heatpresses and thinking of two base plate machines.
Currently have two 12 year old Schulze clamshell presses and that can't keep the heat even on the plates.

We do 80% of the time sublimation (glass, puzzles, textiles) and 20% heat transfer vinyls.
I have read that swing away presses could cause ghosting and though that pneumatic would be better because they soft open and move away more slowly.

So we have 2 machines on the table:
1) Hotronix Dual Air Fusion (Hotronix® Dual Air Fusion IQ® - STAHLS' Europe GmbH EN)
2) Sefa Duplex Air pro (DUPLEX AIR PRO)

So my questions is what you suggest more?
We are based in eastern Europe and not a lot of options to choose from. Sefa, Stahls, Schulze.

The Hotronix come with lasers and wifi support. Is the wifi addon actually useful in everyday use or is this more like a selling feature?

Sefa's machine would come with membrane base plates. Are these useful for sublimation?
We have some sublimation fabric that is not even - mainly pillow cases with zippers and towels with sublimation strips.

The price for both are 7k eur and the investment is quite significant for us.
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