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Hotronix press displays incorrect temperature

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Hey guys.
I recently bought a hotronix auto press and the teperature displayed on the screen does not reflect the actual temperature measured on the plate. For example it once displayed 240 celcius when it measured 144 celcius using a high quality heat probe. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is there a way of re-calibrating the temperature on the unit?
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im having this problem too right now
I'd recommend calling Hotronix directly. Their service team is great! Their number is 800.727.8520
Mine is four years old and has recently started being off by as much as 15 degrees. I just check it each time with an IR thermometer but it is disappointing considering I paid $1200 for it. On the other hand, it's four years old and holding to within 15 degrees of displayed temp, has no cold spots and otherwise works great.
If you purchased the heat press directly from Stahl's (Hotronix), you can probably take advantage of the warranty.

Click here to see the Warranty details posted on the Hotronix website.

  • Lifetime Warranty on Heating Element
  • 5 yr on Framework/major components
  • 2 yr on Circuit board
  • 1 yr Parts/labor

However, if you purchased it "used" from someone else, they may not honor the warranty.

Good luck.
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I've never had a heat press regardless of manufacture that wasn't off. Every single one has a discrepancy between the gauge and the internal temp. Get an IR gun and laser it.
There's not a heat press that has the 100% exact temp, but it shouldn't be off that much. Most heat presses either run 5-10F hotter or cooler. I would rather have it run hotter because when you are heat transferring you lose heat when it gets sucked into the garment and silicon pad below so if it's hotter it's going to operate in the temp range you need. A good heat press should be able to get back to that set temperature in 10-20 seconds usually. Some heat presses you are able to calibrate with a laser heat gun or probe, you should ask Stahls if there is a way to do it.
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