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I have a heat press i bought about 3 years ago but never used much. Partly because I was not familiar with it (had an airwaves press before) partly because I got out of the business for a bit. I want to get it running again. It does will with my transfers I get made at acetransco. And vinyl. But any stock transfer (like artbrands) it will not release the print leaving half the print on the transfer backing. My print called for 375 degrees 40 pressure 6-12 seconds. I set the press at 375 4 on the pressure (since its different than my air compressor psi gauge) and 11 seconds. I did take a tester and check my platens for heat. It seemed to be even heat. I'm just going im thinking to hard on this. Any ideas of what I'm doing wrong. Pics attached of shirt and transfer. I used a 4 because of this thread I read in the pic. 4= 40psi Thanks for your time!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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