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Hotronix 16x20 Auto-Open/Digital Press

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I am putting up for sale my 2009 Hotronix Phoenix Phire heat press purchased from Josh @ Imprintables Warehouse. The press is in EXCELLENT condition and it was used to press about 20/30 shirts. The reason it is for sale is because I never was able to open my T-shirt business upon leaving the US Navy, went to college right away.
The reserve price is $700+$99shipping. NEW Condition, no damage at all! Any questions, please email me at
[email protected]
Cell: 310-692-4497

Hotronix 16x20 Auto-Open Digital Heat / T-Shirt Press - eBay (item 250687024529 end time Aug-30-10 15:56:58 PDT)
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This press has been sold.
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