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Hot Fix PVC Vinyl???

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Hello All,
Has anyone tried the hot Fix PVC Vinyl that Specialty Graphics Supply sells?? I have heard good things about Hot Fix upper end products but wondering about the PVC vinyl? I like the price and the size (19"). I am just starting here and dont need the best stuff. But, I want a vinyl that will still hold up and take the abuse others will. I think I heard it is a little thicker then some which does not bother me but I dont want it TOO thick!! Any input would be appreciated. Specialty Graphic Supply is out of stock on the white so I guess someone is using it:D. Also, when they say PVC?? is not all vinyl PVC??
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Are you referring to the Hot Fix Films PVC product? If so, I have tested some of this and it's a good product, though it is thicker than other heat applied products in the market.

If you want something thinner that is still a Hot Fix Films product, I suggest the Pu Film (aka PolyU Film). Pu Film cost more, but is still a 19" roll.

I'm not well versed enough on the materials to explain about PVC in response to your other question. :)
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Yes, that is the film I am referring too. Thanks for the reply. I do not see Specialty carrying the Pu film?? Does the PVC vinyl hold up well? Easy to work with, cut, weed??

Anyway, thanks.
The Pu Film is sold by Hot Fix Films directly and Robbins Sign Supply Inc in Lenoir, NC. It's available in 19" x 5 YD rolls, 14 colors, with sky blue recently being added.

The PVC was actually fine in cutting and weeding. It did well through the first wash also.

I personally do not foresee making a lot of use of it because I like a material with less hand than the PVC (i.e., Pu Film, ThermoFlex Plus, Joto MultiCut, Siser EasyWeed).

Order a sample and try it out as this may be great for you! ;)
Thanks for the replys. I will try some out and see how I like it. I will report back -but it will be a while. I am just starting this whole cutting, decal, shirt thing out and my time is limited :mad:. I look foward to getting to it!!
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