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Host Monster and DigiShop

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Has anyone here had any experience with Host Monster (looks great for eCommerce) and/or Digishop?

They look like a great combination but I wanted to know if anyone has had a good/bad experience?

Host Monster - Web hosting

digiSHOP - Ecommerce Software

I have decided to look into changing my hosting (at at least entertain the idea) and I am more willing to use a pay cart for my shop.
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I freaking LOVE hostmonster.. I dont use Digishop on there, but i use oscommerce and more recently Zen Cart.. and i LOVE it for both of those things.. they have VERY reliable servers and i have never had an issue with their DB..they also use a control panel called cPanel which is VERY VERY user friendly.. Soo user friendly that i actually do a lot of my editing right there on the host's cpanel.

They also have really really good customer service, 24 hour 7 days PHONE service and the best thing is that they actually KNOW somethign about computers..

the only thing with digicart that i can see is that it is not open source, which means if you have any functionality that you want to add to your cart, you are definitely going to have to PAY for it.. That is why i chose oscommerce and zen cart. they are free and have a LOT of flexibility..
How did you go about installing Zencart or OS commerce?

If they are already setup for it I assume you just put the files on the server via FTP and create a database before installing.
It was super easyto install because hostmonster has a or click install that puts the files in the correct place and creates the database and everything for you. LOVE IT!!
I tried searching for it on their demo and couldn't find it? All I could find were links to promotional payment gateway affiliates etc.

I am sure it is super obvious and I am just missing it. Did you just use MySQL Database Wizard to setup the database and then install ZenCart using a script? That is the only thing I can think of...


I found it in simple scripts...


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yep.. Sorry i didnt see this sooner, i would have told you..

Also, never hesitate to call them. I know their number be heart because i called them with soo many stupid questions when i first started.. i definitely think their customer service is AWESOME
Does anyone here use digishop?
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