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Horrible nozzle checks !!

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Out of the blue nozzle checks started coming up bad on magenta and cayan. Did a lot of head cleans and wiped nozzle plate, filled lines, cleaned seals and still cant get a good nozzle check. Called Anajet, and they basically told me to do the same things I had already done. Was told that if I kept running the machine that maybe nozzles would open up, but all I get is terrible banding. Yellow, black and white come out perfect, but magenta and cayan do nothing but band. Some one please help. Anajet told me to flush my entire machine. I hate to waste anymore ink, I have already almost gone through a new set of cartridges. Any advice would be great. I have attached a picture of the nozzle check.

Thank you!!!!


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Me too bro!! Im bout to get a humidifier.. Anajet even low key recommends it smh but don't mention it when you buy the printer smh
Clean printer head and buy some good humidifier and make humidity inside printer between 45-80%, thats it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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