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Hopkins press for $2k?

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I found a 1990 8 color 8 station manual Hopkins press listed for $2,000. It comes with 8 newman roller frames, squeegees, platens, and an oversize flash 24" x 34". When I tested it out, it was really heavy and seemed like a pain to print on all day. But it was in top notch condition. Currently the shop selling it is using it for test prints for its automatic.

It sounds like a great deal, but it is an old press, and worried that the micro registration is going to be have to used with tools. I know that newer presses have non tool registration capabilities. Should I hold out and buy a newer press with updated capabilities or jump on this one?
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The micros should not need tools. Tools may be needed to adjust off contact or screen angle.

That sounds like a solid deal to me. If the press is in good shape like you say. The flash alone was probably $2000 new.

Offer $1800 and walk away with a steal. :)
It's a good deal with the flash, as Phillip mentioned, and if it's in excellent shape, I'd do as he recommended. One good thing about the older Hopkins International presses. Hopkins BWM still makes the parts for just about every old Hopkins press ever made, so any repair jobs are a snap. They have (or did have) parts diagrams on their website.
That sounds like a great deal! I'm looking into those newman roller frames myself.
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