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hopkins parts

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I just got an old Hopkins 4X4 press and would like to change the X and Y Micro adjustment parts to be tool less , or add a knob/wheel to mine . What is there now looks like a standard turnbuckle you can get at local hardware store .
I have been trying to find on line and not luck yet
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Is this an older Hopkins or BWM or a newer style like what Ryonet is selling? Chris at BWM still has individual parts for the older Hopkins international presses. When I talked to him a few months ago, he said that the older styles can be retrofitted to the newer knobs as long as the main casting is there. If the main casting is broken, a new head would have to be purchased. I have an older 6/4 with wrenchless mircos and it looks like the newer style print heads Hopkins presses at Ryonet have are the same as what I have on mine. If that's what you're looking for, they are around $175 per head. I think BWM sells them for around $700-$1000 per head. Otherwise, each piece can be ordered separately through BWM.
Here's a link to the print head parts at BWM

Hope this helps!
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Thanks for the link , I talked to Chris and the parts I need are Big $ $59.95 per
I need part 93201 , 91751, 93202 times 8 (2 per head )
Would be almost $500 with tax and shipping
Hope I can find something better
Here's the link to the ones at Ryonet:

https://www.screenprinting.com/search?keywords=print head

It may be worth looking into the interchangeability of the Aero or WIN heads. Maybe call and talk to Nick and see if parts are available separately?
Hi there, im looking for exactly the same parts you were looking for (93201, 91751, 93202), I was wondering what the best choice for you replacement parts was? I hope you can give me advise, thanks a lot!!!
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