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Hopkins/BWM or Riley Hopkins

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Hey everyone;
I'm about to make a press purchase. What I am looking for is a press in a 4/4 configuration. I have it narrowed down to two presses in my price range. These are the Riley Hopkins Win seres and the Hopkins/BWM Starting line. I lie the idea of the Riley Hopkins because of the amount of information that seems to be out there on this particular brand. However, I feel that the Hopkins/BWM offers some key standard options that I would pay extra for in a Riley Hopkins press. For example, the Hopkins/BWM costs only $100 more than the Riley Hopkins but, comes standard with micro registration. Also, since the Hopkins is built in the town in which I live, I wont pay a crating fee. I see little bad press on either press and a wondering what is a better press. Am I looking a "six of one, half dozen of another" decision?
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