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Hi everybody!

I haven't been a part of a forum in long time, but I look forward to being a part of an online community again. I never really posted introductions when I've joined a forum either, but i guess this its the perfect opportunity for me to vent!

So I've been wasting away at my first job for 7 years not making much money and hating the job. I'm not the school type and am a very picky person. Back in my high school days I used to make stencils and spray paint t-shirts and was always interested in designing them. After graduating and working full time I basically lost all motivation for that and in every aspect of my life, lol. But in my free time drawing and doodling graffiti and handstyles seemed to stick with me. I figured it might be a nice path for me to take these images to t-shirts. I still have a hunger to get art into the street but am not into doing it illegally. T-shirts seem to be the perfect thing!

I bought the basic speed ball silk screen kid from Micheals art store, and created one shirt. The shirt was two colors, white background and black over it. creating this was a pain! I used photo emulsion, and was running all over the house screwing up etc... anyway I guess that brings me to where i am currently... living with my parents sucks and this place if far from ideal for productivity. anyway.... lol what i'm here for now is to find a good set up for 2 layer t-shirt prints and to learn about all the t-shirt know how. Eventually I would like to make an online store and would like to learn about the business of selling and selling methods. I feel like I could get some good work with this around my community and am hoping this starts to work out for me. I'm trying to solidify a base for my life, I recently quit smoking, not the first time quitting but every time ive quit it's gotten easier to live without it. I've gone too long...waaayyy to long being unhappy and closed off, am looking for a health way to spend my free time.

I have to go, so i guess that's it...
Thats probably not your normal introduction, lol.

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