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Hoodies and Track Jackets...

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I know this is a t-shirt forum but is there any good places to order blank hoodies with zippers, and track jackets... preferbly urban but doesnt matter
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There is also a link on the menu to the left!

They have great hoodies.
I have seen some nice ones on jonlauren.com bunch of different styles.. I am going to check them out this week and let you know how the quality is pretty decent pricing too..

If your looking for pullovers you can get a decent price at pps or missionimprintables when they have a sale.. like $8 even less for dark colors..

I still don't see why people use AA they seem to be overpriced and their quality of garments vary from piece to piece even with the same style. At least the ones i have worked with.
I'm not a big fan of American Apparel either. I don't care for their quality and I've been to the store in Houston... and well, there customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Just my two cents.

I just ordered a sample from Alstyle Apparel so I'll let you know how it is when I get it. I'm looking for something specifically with custom looking drawstrings. Jerico has some nice looking hoodies... 12oz. so it's pretty heavy stuff. but the drawstrings just look so plain. *shrug*

Anyone ever seen any other nice looking hoodies?
if you have access to wholesale distributors than I prefer District Threads from SanMar www.sanmar.com over American Apparel any day but also Alpha Shirt Company www.alphashirt.com carries that Hype line that also has a bunch of "cooler" hoodies and such.

If you don't have the ability to order from those distributors than you can always check out our site for great prices (admittedly not as cheap as ordering directly from the distributer) but worth a look. Create your own custom t-shirts, aprons, caps, polos and more in our online design studio or save up to 60% off retail prices on brand name sportswear.
For track jackets, American Apparel has some pretty nice looking ones.
American apparel jackets run from 40$above in the stores now. These jackets has a good perception from people. With the white zipper:D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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