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Hoodie printing - over the shoulder help

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Hello all,

One of my designers came up with a great hoodie Idea but my printer said it was impossible.

Essentially the idea is to continue a printed line from the front of the hoodie over the shoulder to the back. Obviously the screen cant print over seams but he says matching up the back and front lines takes too long and that the squeegee will "stutter" towards the top. Is he correct or does he not want to deal with it?

to further clarify, the design is supposed to look like the person is carrying a purse or back pack.

Thanks in advance,

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Hey Marta, It's not impossible but what you are talking about is done this way.The allover look is usually printed first THEN sewn together.Its easier to line up after its been printed.They do make pallets that will let you print over seams but they usually are for printing over hoodie zippers and butt prints etc. I don't know how much money you have to invest but you would have to find a manufactuer that has a panel program.You print,they sew.Or they print and sew. Good luck.
Is he correct or does he not want to deal with it?
Bit of both. He doesn't want to deal with it because the error rate (i.e. hoodies that don't line up), amount of labour, etc. would all make it an annoying job to run, and very expensive. Nothing much is impossible, but it is impractical.
Plastisol transfers would work on something like this.
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