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Hoodie Help

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Hi all,
I am after a supplier of Hoodies, looking for dark green in colour. I currently use JB's, Winning Spirit, BIZ Collection and Bocini, all but JB's have that colour but have sold out of the size I want in australia. Can any one assist with a supplier, not after the middle man only the wholesaler ie $15 - $23 mark.

Forgot to add, I have tried other suppliers I use from time to time like Epic Ledgend, Ramo, ect ect

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try sportage they have good tee's hoodie's.
Im currently using Organic (ramo) but very expensive, but sportage is my second choice very good in DTG

Try Bluewhale (Promotion t-shirt). The closest they got is a bottle green.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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