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homemade Conveyor Dryer belt

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i bought a big old homemade conveyor dryer about a year ago.
it was working fine,until the belt (which was made from a very thick canvas material) started to disintegrate, and tore down.
now, i need a new belt, i checked out for the hit proof Teflon material, but it seems to be extremely expensive- (around 700 $).
does someone have an idea for a cheaper material that can be used as a belt for a big conveyor dryer?

i was thinking about stitching and patching the canvas belt and coloring it in some fire proof color. could it work?
any ideas?
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Yeah. A guy posted his DIY tunnel dryer awhile ago. Think there is video of it on Facebook somewhere. If I find it I'll post it. Anyway he used the black fiberglass fly screen mesh you use for a screen door. Got it from home depot or somewhere like that. He joined it with silicone. Seemed to work for him and would be relatively cheap.
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thanks! great idea. i think i might try it out.
unfortunately, the fiberglass fly screen mesh, will not work, its not fire proof at all, and its actually burning very fast. we are thinking to try with very thick canvas which is heat resistant,it is pretty cheap and we hope it will solve the problem for a year or two.
Seems to me, 700 is pretty steep--did you check around at all?

Just poking around, M&R has a few listed for less than half that... Check out PN# 3040278, for example.
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