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home sewing

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I'm a stay at home at night guy. I used to have a bricks and mortar store, and have no desire for an internet business. I have a home sewing machine that I do custom tee shirt embellishing, I guess is the word, with zigzag stitching. No embroidery, no screen printing.
I'm looking for ideas, and all the Forums is about is screen printing and embroidery, it seems. I have more than I can do, with my day job, and sewing at night, and NetFlix.
My questions would be, if I had some, would be what are the best shirts to zigzag on, I use Gildan 100% cotton, that I buy wholesale, because I have a sales tax number, which I send a few dollars a month, to my county, city, and state.
Or what kind of thread? I use serger thread, rather than Coats and Clark, because I can buy 3000 yards for a little more than I could buy 300 yards from Walmart or Hancock Fabric.
Or what kind of needles, because I use Singer needles, because my machine was bought at a Singer authorized dealer.
I'm a guy and color blind to boot, so I bag my thread by colors, and box my shirts by color. Girls seem to know these things, instinctly, and I like being single about that remark.
I started sewing in 1977, to make extra money for my store, and have gone through that one store and another, since then, but am still sewing. Maybe does anyone have an idea on a good book to read?
Thanks in advance, if I get any response.
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What is it that you want to do differently than you are already doing? You do not want to have a B&M shop, you do not want an Internet store, you are not screening or embroidering. You are already sewing something onto shirts.

Maybe you would like doing heat pressing, cut vinyl, twill applique, or rhinestones??

If your volume warrants, you would really like getting a good quality commercial sewing machine such as a Juki, or Consew. They will do one stitch... but all day long at 500mph forever.
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Thanks, I'll look into those machine brands. Learning is about asking questions. Thank you so much.
Thanks, I'll look into those machine brands. Learning is about asking questions. Thank you so much.
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