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home made hat press??

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has anyone came up with a home made hat press?? I don't want to spend $500 on a press that I will use 20 times.


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Why would you buy a press for 20 hats? Just pay someone to do them for you.

To answer the question, I haven't seen a homemade hat press. But you could buy a used or cheap hat press off ebay that would outperform a cheap homemade press.
Is that slurms mackenzie? I thought he was dead.

Do you mean heat press?
Is that slurms mackenzie? I thought he was dead.

Do you mean heat press?
Either way. Way back when I first started printing, my business partner built a hat screenpress. I remember we sold printed hats but I have no memory of the press itself. Later when I went to work in a large shop, we printed transfers and used a hat heat press instead.

For a few dozen hats I would just order them from someone before I would buy or build a press for so few items.

I think Slurms did die in the series.
I bought a cheapie import hat press, because I needed to press about 100 patches on hats. It paid for itself, but I don't expect it to be my LONG TERM solution. It was a stop gap measure for the cost of $150 or so.....again....if I were making hats as part of my regular business, I'd invest the $500 or so for a name brand. The one I have, however, plays a tune similar to Gilligan's Island theme when the time is up....cute, but that's the LAST thing I'm looking for in a press. LOL
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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