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That is exactly how I started!!!

My girlfriend started a cheer and tumbling gym. She then started to do competitive cheer and it is a fun time at those comps. I am the official music player for her teams lol

Basically her first team only had about 10 girls and screen printers wanted a lot of money to do just 10 shirts. So I started looking online and ended up making a 4 color 4 station screen printing press so I could make shirts for her. And basically just doing it for cost to help her business out cause she was new and struggling. Now I have upgraded to a 6 color 4 station press and an starting to branch out to other customers, but most of my work is for her still.

I am trying to find new and creative ways to make the shirts "cheery" but I'm not super artistic. ha ha. I'm going to start getting into embroidery so I can do the bags and socks and things like that.

But I would love to talk with you guys about cheer related stuff and borrow and share ideas!!!

I'm located in Utah by the way!!


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If you don't mind me asking (and please excuse my ignorance;), what and how exactly do you mean when you say you made a 4 color 4 station screen print set up? I'm currently doing shirts with HTV but I'd really love to do screen print but the cost of what that would entail just isn't an option at the moment. Is that a cheaper option?

I love this thread!! I started my little biz over a year ago as a side gig to make extra $ when my hours were getting cut (I'm a nurse at my day job). I'm a creative person and an always piddling in something of the sort. And I'm also one of those "I can do that" kind of person ;). I live in a rural area and there are a lot of resources that aren't directly at my disposal, and driving to them isn't much option when I'm still holding down my "day job". I'm keeping myself pretty busy and haven't pushed it like I had intended when I started (like selling online) because I don't want to overload myself and promise more than I can deliver. God willing, when I do make the full time jump, I want a solid knowledge and product.
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