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That is exactly how I started!!!

My girlfriend started a cheer and tumbling gym. She then started to do competitive cheer and it is a fun time at those comps. I am the official music player for her teams lol

Basically her first team only had about 10 girls and screen printers wanted a lot of money to do just 10 shirts. So I started looking online and ended up making a 4 color 4 station screen printing press so I could make shirts for her. And basically just doing it for cost to help her business out cause she was new and struggling. Now I have upgraded to a 6 color 4 station press and an starting to branch out to other customers, but most of my work is for her still.

I am trying to find new and creative ways to make the shirts "cheery" but I'm not super artistic. ha ha. I'm going to start getting into embroidery so I can do the bags and socks and things like that.

But I would love to talk with you guys about cheer related stuff and borrow and share ideas!!!

I'm located in Utah by the way!!


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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